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    Courtney joined the pornographic community in the Spring of 2007 in April. April 20th to be exact. She was barely 21, barely out of college (actually, dropped out of), and barely past losing her virginity. She had lost it when she was only a simple 20 year old still figuring out things as monumental as first loves and sex, but also basics she should have already known like how to support herself financially. Having an extremely doting mother or “helicopter parent” as 20th century theorist would put it had only really hurt the maturing process. This would play out in the short time Courtney was back at home, with mom. Im getting off topic.

    Courtney had waited for her first roll in the hay with good reason and still felt she had made the right choice to lose it to the guy she did; even if it meant she was now a “criminal”. College dropout with a dark past was not what she thought her twenties would start as. But actions had led her to leave the small college town in the middle of her junior year and ultimately back home with mom. For most this would be a major set back, for Courtney it was more like a major detour. Out of school and out of a social life a job was the only option available. Courtney had never really had to work at all. She decided to work at a local porno shop. Taking this job meant two things, the sexologist wannabe was still exploring the sexual world. And this job would piss off her mother because boinking was so taboo. It had been like that since she was little and still was. Courtney resented her mother for being raised in such a way. If she had to get a job it was going to be one that her mom would not approve of, thus the porn shop job……

    Her mother hating the job choice was maybe with good reason since it is the way Courtney found her path to the adult industry.